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The STEM Quality/ecological cycle

At STEM everything begins and ends with respect for the environment. From the very beginning, during the initial selection of raw materials the discriminating criterion is “create and produce with in virtuous low environmental impact situation”. For STEM even process waste becomes an opportunity to uphold this principle because everything is recycled and reused in different sectors of the economy where the material lives a second life in other forms. This is thanks to specialist firms that are guaranteed and certified to perform this type of activity.

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Polyester fibre is an environmentally friendly heat insulating material, even if not of natural origin: it is recyclable, recycled and harmless in all phases, that is, production, erection and use. The structure and composition of the polyester fibre insulation enable it to maintain its properties over time.


Low environmental impact polyurethane for STEM products.
STEM uses innovative polyurethanes that respect the environment to create the entire range of products. The trend towards green consuming has encouraged our company to seek production solutions that involve lower greenhouse gas emissions, but that maintain the functionality and comfort characteristics that are peculiar to the STEM brand of quality products.